• The HTTP/S API is our most popular API, its Reliable, scalable and customizable, the HTTP/S API allows developers to create applications that send SMS messages using our reliable bulk SMS messaging gateway.

    Simple URL Call
    https://www.net2sms.net/api/httpsend_utf8.asp?username=xxx&password=xxx&phonenumbers=xxx&smsdata=xxx&unicode=xxx&sender=xxx Download HTTP/S Guide



  • The SMPP SMS API sends messages extremely fast in real-time via a 24/7 authenticated connection to ourgateway. Our SMPP connection is ideal if you need to send out a high volume of messages, at high speed, each month

    Basic Requirements

    SMPP Client supports protocol v3.3,v3.4 or v5.0 and dedicated SMPP user SMPP access is disabled by default. Please contact us for more information on obtaining access

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  • Use email to SMS to send messages to all over the world via an email server and our bulk SMS SMTP API. However, we do not recommend using email-to-SMS for high volume of high throughput, because email spam filtering can cause delays in delivery. our system will try to extract the phone number from the incoming email message. The first array of at least 6 digits, optionally preceded by the international prefix ( + ) and separated by white spaces, dashes ( - ), slashes ( / ), dots ( . ) or parentheses, is considered as a valid phone number.
    For example,
    Subject: My phone number is +12 (34) 56-789
    Text: It's simply great that I can chat by using email!
    our system will place a new message in the Inbox, which would appear as if it was sent from the phone number +123456789, containing the text It's simply great that I can chat by using email! By using this technique, you can even send back an SMS message to the sender as a reply to his email.

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  • 2-Way API

  • We provide full 2 Way SMS functionality, allowing you to easily send and receive SMS through your SMS account, By using a dedicated number solution, you can send and receive SMS on our web messaging platform, via an API, All incoming SMS are free of charge.

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