About US


Deewan Alrasaile is functioning in the field of information technology services. In particular providing total SMS solutions, business solutions, developing e-commerce applications, designing and managing professional web sites. Founded in Jeddah in 2003, Deewan Alrasaile has helped its clients both at home and abroad to make use of the latest internet technologies in order to serve their field of business.

fields of business

  • SMS

  • At Deewan Alrasaile we provide you with simple reliable and high-speed messaging service, our “any message, anywhere” solutions allow businesses and communities to communicate with their customers in an immediate and personal way, no matter which communication devise you use. Deewan Alrasaile has helped a lot of businesses to grow their revenues and improve their services with global messaging. We are building on the success, our SMS service brings you a new generation of mobile messaging. With most people owning a mobile phone, isn’t it the time you let Deewan Alrasaile Mobilize your business?

  • Business solutions

  • In today’s business environment, companies’ demand integrated business systems in order to increase efficiency and acquire real time information. These Demands have required many companies like Deewan Alrasaile to evaluate and choose integrated solutions and packages to meet these challenges. Our success in the market comes from our unique ability to understand and enhance our customer’s business processes and provides technology solutions that meet their needs. Our solutions include software solutions, hardware solutions, networking solutions and total web based solutions.

  • Internet development & E-commerce

  • As a rule people worry more about what they cannot see than what they can; so make your business more visible and attractive by having a place on the World Wide Web. Deewan Alrasaile creates professional, functional and attractive WEB SITES that are customized to present the information and materials that your customers want in a simple and attractive way. We also develop your corporate Intranet to utilize the resources of your organization and your Extranet to communicate with your partners. The growth of e-commerce through the Internet has greatly increased opportunities for today’s expanding companies. Internet sales provide an excellent avenue for companies large and small to succeed while gaining a foothold in this new market environment. Deewan Alrasaile provides complete e-commerce services to businesses targeting global marketplace.

  • Site and content management

  • What could be more important to a web site than its content! We believe that site owners and users want graphically pleasing web site with effective, fresh, relevant and dynamic content. We create, develop, edit and organize content that makes your corporate web site shine and attractive to your customers. Frequent updating of the content and services of a web site is an essential element keeping the site alive and increasing its visitors. Through a professional and experienced team of web authors and developers Deewan Alrasaile provides a unique service of managing the whole site on behalf of its clients in a totally secured environment. Management of site will include introducing new technologies as well as updating its content.