Net2sms has helped a lot of businesses to grow their revenues and improve their services with global messaging. We are building on the success, our SMS service brings you a new generation of mobile messaging. With most people owning a mobile phone, isn’t it the time you let Net2sms Mobilize your business?

  • Net2sms Website

  • send bulk SMS messages directly from any computer connected to the Internet simply register for free.
    Our easy-to-use website will transform how you market your products ,Ideas or services to the world and the way you keep in touch with your team, ,suppliers or your customers. Whether you are looking to send SMS alerts, SMS reminders, Bulk SMS , 2-way SMS Localy or Internationaly , our professionally designed website will help you use SMS to benefit you or your business.

  • Net2sms API's

  • Our Gateway connects you directly to our platform and integrates SMS with your own system and applications using our SMS Gateway APIs. Our robust messaging platform has multiple routing options to send messages worldwide, using HTTP, SMPP, SMTP, or ODBC. Integration into any website or system application is simple.

  • Email to SMS

  • Use email to SMS to send messages to all over the world via an email server and our bulk SMS SMTP API. However, we do not recommend using email-to-SMS for high volume of high throughput, because email spam filtering can cause delays in delivery.

  • SMPP

  • The Short Message Peer-to-Peer (SMPP) in the telecommunications industry is an open, industry standard protocol designed to provide a flexible data communication interface for the transfer of short message data between External Short Messaging Entities (ESME), Routing Entities (RE) and Message Centres. SMPP is often used to allow third parties to submit messages, often in bulk,the SMPP is the most commonly used protocol for short message exchange also its often used by customers that need to be in continuous contact with their customers, we are supporting the most commonly used versions of SMPP protocol (v3.3, v3.4 and v5.0).

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  • SMS Solutions For The Enterprise

  • In today’s business environment, companies’ demand integrated business systems in order to increase efficiency and acquire real time information. These Demands have required many companies like Net2sms to evaluate and choose integrated solutions and packages to meet these challenges. Our success in the market comes from our unique ability to understand and enhance our customer’s business processes and provides technology solutions that meet their needs. Our solutions include software solutions, hardware solutions, networking solutions and total web based solutions.